Just imagine. An oak floor that perfectly exhibits the timeless beauty of wood, created and finished as only a master craftsman can. An oak floor to be immensely proud of. All fitted and finished by hand without using a sanding machine.

Vincent Reed and his team have the specialist skills and experience required to guarantee an authentic floor in perfect harmony with your period home.

Using only traditional methods, we lovingly create beautiful finishes for oak and pine wood flooring. Where appropriate, our team uses traditional joints and hand-cut nails. All finishes are applied by hand.

These skilled and traditional processes preserve the original patination of the wood. This patina retains the history of every board, and results in a unique and glorious finish. 

Exceptional Oak Flooring
– Reclaimed, Restored, Refitted. 


 Reclaimed Oak Parquet Flooring

Reclaimed Oak Parquet Flooring

For Palaces, Manor Houses &
Luxurious Homes

With clients including Kensington Palace in London and the 17th century Manor House at Groombridge Place in Kent, Vincent Reed and his team are known for providing the most traditional and detailed oak wood flooring restorations and installations available anywhere in the world. 


 Contemporary Oak Flooring 

Contemporary Oak Flooring 

Reclaimed Oak Floor Installation

Vincent Reed carefully hand-selects each and every individual reclaimed floorboard for each installation, be it a new install or the replacement of a previous wood floor. Boards are kiln-dried to ensure there can be no further shrinkage after fitting. This is particularly important where reclaimed oak flooring is being laid over underfloor heating systems, as with new
oak floorboards. 


 Restored Wooden Oak Flooring

Restored Wooden Oak Flooring

Original Oak Floor Restoration or Refitting

Original oak floors, traditionally and beautifully restored. Where an original oak floor refitting is required, each floor board is lifted, numbered, planed by hand and re-laid in sequence. The floor is then carefully refinished by hand, maintaining the striking character and patination. Vincent’s attention to detail results in a stunning oak floor, enhancing the inherent beauty of the oak and giving years of functional use and an exceptional aesthetic finish.



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