Handmade Oak Refectory Tables

Vincent Reed has a lifelong passion for creating beautiful and unique furniture from reclaimed and new oak. Admire the beauty, and feel the finish and brilliance of refectory tables, built by master craftsman Vincent Reed, the wood restoration expert to some of Britain’s finest royal palaces.

History in the making

Every table is made using new or authentic reclaimed pit sawn oak timbers, some dating as far back as 300 years. The reclaimed oak displays the beautiful historical marks of trunks sawn by hand over a pit in the ground.  Before the days of steam power this bygone sawing technique had the “top dog” standing on the log and the “underdog” standing in the pit, pulling the long saw back and forth.

Vincent’s tables are hand-made to order using these very same pieces of wood.

Hand marked & hand-crafted

Vincent selects each individual piece of wood personally for its own distinctive character. No two pieces are the same but Vincent treats each with immeasurable care and expertise.

Each table is designed to showcase the history of the wood and the expert finishing enhances the beautiful elements of every saw-mark and knot.

Every table is finished by hand with a natural beeswax – combined with a touch of modern magic to ensure long-term durability.

Only then will Vincent allow it to bear his initials – the ultimate mark of this exceptionally skilled craftsman.

Machinery not required

No machines are used in the making of Vincent Reed furniture. Using only his hands and a few traditional hand tools, Vincent carefully chalk-marks and cuts each mortise and tenon joint by hand.

He relies completely on his judgement and skill, developed through years of experience, to preserve the character of the wood and achieve the perfect fit of each part of the table.

“I love making these tables. They’ve been a passion of mine for many years. I get to use so many of the skills that I’ve honed over a lifetime, all in one piece of furniture”


Own a Vincent Reed handmade oak refectory table

The wood is sourced and the tables made to order, all by hand using traditional methods and hand tools, then hand finished to become one of the world’s most unique and beautiful tables to enjoy and use.

With your choice of dimensions and – to some extent – the colour and nature of the finish, your commission will provide you with your own piece of history; a beautiful table, and a stunning and unique centrepiece in your home to be enjoyed every day – a table to be gathered around by family and friends now, and for your future generations to follow.

Contact Vincent personally to discuss owning your own handmade oak refectory table.

Buying guide ~ Design your perfect table

To design the perfect table for your home, think about the following:

The size

How many people do you want to seat at your table? For comfortable dining allow 2ft per place setting plus an additional 1ft at each end (e.g. to seat three people down each side, we recommend an 8ft table).

The room

Think about the room the table will sit in and the type of table that would suit the space – should it be rustic timber or a cleaner, smoother finish?

Leg shape

Consider the style of leg. We offer three styles; stop chamfer, skittle or turned – in keeping with the age of the timber and the style of the frame. If you would like something more bespoke, describe what you want and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Order & delivery

We will discuss your options with you and agree a final design. We will then provide a quote and the lead time for delivery. As soon as the table is ready we will arrange a time for delivery that suits you.

Whether you have a specific idea in mind or just need advice, contact us and we will work with you to design your perfect table.

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