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Virtual consultations by Vincent Reed

Are you concerned about historic woodwork in your period property or project you are working on? Or would you like to learn about how to sympathetically conserve and restore the woodwork, but you just don’t know where to go? 

Vincent Reed is now offering a new consultation service via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Using your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, bring Vincent into your property and tap into over thirty years of experience.

A one-to-one consultation

With the advantage of modern technology, bring Vincent into your home or your project for a one-to-one consultation to discover and learn about its joinery, historic features and ornate details; including dates, styles and fashions living within its walls. 

Restoration of historic woodwork is Vincent’s passion, and he has experience of consulting on all types of period properties, from private homes, stately homes, royal palaces to some of the world’s most important historic buildings.

You can learn the correct methods used to conserve and restore all aspects of historic joinery, with a focus on the importance of maintaining patina using traditional methods. Vincent specialises in:

  • Sympathetic restoration, repair and refinishing of wood flooring 
  • Conservation and restoration of panelling, staircases, doors and windows

With extensive knowledge of antique furniture, Vincent can identify intricate details, such as period hinges, door handles, decoration and quirky features and types of glass used through the ages.

  • An affordable solution to getting expert advice, and alternative to initial onsite consultations
  • Cost saving to your property or project spend by getting the correct advice and preventing incorrect work being carried out
  • Getting a better understanding of your property and learning about its historic features
  • Learning how best to approach the conservation and restoration process
  • Understand complexities that could arise during a project, apply for the correct planning permission and appoint appropriate contractors 
  • Consultations are carried out in any location worldwide all you need is an internet connection
  • More than one person can attend, allowing third parties involved in your building project to attend from any location 
  • A recording of your consultation is available for your reference. So note taking is not necessary during the session which allows you to fully focus and enjoy
  • Contact us via email at and we will call you for an initial chat to find out more details and schedule your appointment.
  • The consultation will take place on your mobile device or laptop, and therefore a good internet connection is advised. 
  • Consultations can be carried out via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WhatsApp or Facetime, at a convenient time that suits you.
  • It is advisable to send a few images prior to your consultation, in order to gather as much accurate information as possible.
  • Virtually show Vincent around your property or the property you are working on and ask any number of questions.
  • Your virtual consultation can be recorded. Vincent will share a link to the recording which you can download and recount at any time.

Virtual consultation information

Please download a consultation information PDF to view at leisure.

Vincent Reed gives advice to help preserve historical timber features for posterity

“Without Vincent’s expert advice and input, this 18th century farmhouse project would have had a very different outcome. I never imagined this wonderfully wavy floor could be restored without losing its superb character and sense of history. Vincent’s knowledge and expertise were fantastic. Thank you.”

MICHAEL FOLEY, AssocRICS, PDD (Building Cons)​


Recent projects consulted on by Vincent Reed

Kings College Chapel, London.

Grade 1; design by George Gilbert Scott

Royal Fortress, Qasr al-Hosn, Abu Dhabi 

Kensington Palace, London

Monument King’s State Apartments; Kings Drawing room; Grand Kings Staircase; Privy Presence Chambers; Monument Queens State Apartments 

Groombridge Place, Kent. Grade 1.

Baillie Scott House, Hampshire. Grade 2*.

Royal College of Physicians, London. Grade 1.

The Ned, (Midland Bank Headquarters)

An Edwin Lutyens designed building in London’s Square Mile. Grade 1.

Canute Chambers, Southampton

Offices of the White Star Line (Titanic). Grade 2*.

ICOMOS 2019 Symposium, Ethiopia

Vincent Reed consultancy in the media & blog

Wood Restoration Consultant Flood Water Furniture Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork joinery timber flooring repairs solid oak tables

Are you unsure how much of your architectural timber features can be salvaged following fire or water damage?

Accidental damage to ancient flooring, panelling, architectural joinery and antique furniture can leave you feeling that a piece of history has been lost forever; and your investment seriously reduced in value. But with the right professional advice, you can gain a clearer picture of what might be salvaged, and the best way to proceed with a restoration project. An experienced restorer may rescue more ruined features than thought possible.

How Vincent assesses the damage and what can be done

Intricate Joinery Wood Restoration Consultant Flood Water Furniture Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork timber flooring repairs solid oak tables

Worried that your period panelling, floorboards, furniture and features are in poor condition, or showing signs of neglect?

With care, many historic properties will stand for centuries with their timber features relatively intact. But without professional advice and maintenance, damp, dust, pollution and pests will take their toll and they begin to look shabby, or even unsafe. An expert ‘health check’ can pinpoint potential problems and advise on the best way to bring your woodwork back to its original condition without removing its historic provenance.

Recondition timber features  without loosing historic value

How bad is the damage and what can be done?

Window Joinery Wood Restoration Consultant Flood Water Furniture Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork timber flooring repairs solid oak tables

Always consult an expert when faced with extensive fire or water damage to the timbers of an historic property. With the right specialist treatment, very often more can be salvaged than you might imagine; it is certainly not a job for a general builder or carpenter who could unknowingly erase centuries’ provenance by ripping out and replacing apparently ruined sections; or by applying over vigorous treatments that remove forever all evidence of their long history. Vincent Reed has decades of experience and expertise in the assessment and treatment of damaged woodwork in period buildings all over the world; and is happy to advise on the most effective course of action, as well as the best possible outcome following accidental damage.

Not only can Vincent date and fully understand the history of each piece; he fully understands how much and by what means, timbers can be sensitively restored. His knowledge and advice will allow you to proceed with confidence and understand fully what the project will entail.

A professional consultation and assessment by an expert like Vincent, already well respected in the field, can also be invaluable when negotiating successfully with insurance assessors and building regulation officers.

How can I bring timber features back into condition without losing their historic value?

Everyday life can be tough on timbers that began life in a Tudor forest or medieval great hall. As well as the ravages of centuries’ weather, internally they may have withstood many years of damp and neglect – or the rigours of family life, military attack, home improvements, alterations and more recently, the footfall of visitors, the invasion of electrical and plumbing conduit, the vibrations of modern traffic or the abrasive effects of modern pollutants and harsh restoration products. Over time, floors, panelling and architectural features can look a little tired or shabby; or even in need of replacement if you don’t have an eye for the value and potential of these historic features.

Before embarking on any kind of restoration project in an older property, it is well worth consulting an established specialist like Vincent Reed who has the back knowledge and personal experience to advise on the best way to sympathetically repair, conserve, restore and recondition historic joinery, without losing the marks of wear and patina that give it beauty and value. Vincent is committed to recommending only traditional techniques, tools and materials to achieve the best possible outcome; ensuring your restoration project will enhance, rather than devalue your timbered features.

Qasr Hosn Wood Restoration Consultant Flood Water Furniture Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork joinery timber flooring repairs solid oak tables
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