Original and reclaimed period wood flooring

When you invest in a period property, you deserve floors that do it justice. Modern, sanded or engineered flooring can never match the quality of craftsmanship elsewhere in your home. That is why we only use traditional techniques when we restore original wood flooring. Finished meticulously by hand, your floor will become a glorious focal point for your house, adding to its value and sense of history.

Original oak floor restoration or refitting

Period wood floors are stunning – and a responsibility. If you wonder whether to restore, refit or replace them, let us help. As experienced craftsmen we create repairs that are beautiful in their own right and will last as long as the boards themselves.

How restoring by hand adds value to your home

Reclaimed oak floor installation

If your house no longer has its original floors, Vincent Reed will personally select reclaimed flooring from other period properties, in keeping with the style of your home. Once installed, the floor will feel as if it has been with you forever.

How we find the perfect match for your home

Your floor is in the hands of trusted experts, who work with the country’s leading conservation bodies

The National Trust, English Heritage and Historic Royal Palaces regularly call on Vincent Reed’s knowledge and experience. Your floors will be restored by the same team who have advised on the magnificent oak flooring at Auckland Castle and the 18th century staircases and floors at The Great Pagoda, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. (Our expertise also extends to other architectural woodwork such as the Georgian panelling at Kensington Palace.)

Your period home matters to us. We believe that its features contribute as much to the country’s cultural heritage as those of a palace or castle. In that sense you are a custodian of a precious building. If we can help you to restore your floors in a way that captures your home’s unique history, we would love to do that.

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Original oak floor restoration or refitting

With its unique undulations and colouring, your period floor tells the story of your home.  That is why we always take care to protect the original wood, working only by hand.

We begin by carefully removing the existing finish – varnish, paint or carpet glue – layer by painstaking layer.  When the bare wood eventually reveals itself, it is silky smooth to the touch, but with all its distinguishing dents and dimples intact.  Once cleaning is complete, we apply staining, wax or lacquer, bringing out the character and sumptuous colours of the wood.

If your floor needs to be refitted, each board will be lifted, numbered, planed by hand and re-laid in sequence.  Wherever possible we will repair rather replace boards, but if some are too damaged, we will source reclaimed floorboards which harmonise with your property. The results are always gorgeous, long-lasting and easy to maintain.

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Installing reclaimed wood flooring

We spend days visiting properties to find suitable reclaimed flooring for your home, whether it’s oak, pine or elm.  Once we source the right boards, each one is kiln dried to prevent it from shrinking in its new centrally heated environment.   

After that our team of master craftsmen work on the wood by hand, using traditional tools such as inshaves and chisels.  Because our background is in antique furniture restoration, we approach every repair and joint with a meticulous eye for detail.  When the floor is ready to be stained or waxed, we give you a number of samples.  Then you will see how the right depth of colour brings your floor’s character to life. Its rich hues and textures will blend with the rest of your home, give you pleasure every day and add to the value of your property for many years to come.

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