Vincent Reed are experts in the conservation
and restoration of period wood


With over 25 years of experience, we use traditional methods and materials to restore exterior and interior woodwork, architectural joinery and precious antique furniture.

This invaluable support and advice is trusted by a range of clients – including English Heritage, The National Trust and local conservation officers.

Our results speak for themselves and stand the test of time.

Reclaimed oak flooring in Sussex

Reclaimed oak flooring in Sussex


Restoration, Supply & Installation

Whether the sympathetic restoration of wooden flooring, or the supply and installation of reclaimed and new flooring, our highly skilled artisan craftsmen carefully carry out every aspect of their work by hand. Projects vary in size from a Victorian semi-detached family home to one of our country’s most recognisable royal residences, Kensington Palace.

With a clear focus on attention to detail, traditional techniques and beautiful finishes we have built a reputation for providing some of the most unique and glorious wood flooring restoration and installations anywhere in the world.

Oak panelling made to the Arts and Crafts style

Oak panelling made to the Arts and Crafts style


Restoration, Design & Installation

We are experts at conserving and restoring wood panelling – whose individual characteristics can provide a precious glimpse into your home’s history. We also offer a bespoke design and installation service to reinstate panelling where it may previously have been removed or damaged in whole or in part.

Having worked with priceless original panelling in some of the most impressive heritage buildings in England, you can trust our skilled craftsmen to balance conservation with the need to live in and enjoy the space.

Bespoke joinery restoration service

Bespoke joinery restoration service


Restoration, Design & Installation

Our highly skilled artisan craftsmen use traditional techniques to carefully restore original joinery including windows, doors, staircases and other unique architectural features. With a commitment to conserve wherever possible, we have been able to save many architectural features that would otherwise have been lost or completely replaced.

With our help and our guarantee of high quality repairs,we can ensure that original joinery is as strong as when it was first completed – and even prolong its life further through the expert use
of modern technologies.

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Handmade Oak Refectory Tables

Vincent Reed has a passion for creating beautiful and unique refectory tables using new or authentic reclaimed pit-sawn oak timbers - some dating as far back as 300 years.

Each piece of wood is chosen personally by Vincent for its own distinctive character. No two pieces are identical but each is treated with the same immeasurable level
of care and expertise.

Every table is precisely crafted to showcase the history of the wood and enhance the beautiful elements of every saw-mark and knot to full effect.

Relying completely on his judgement and skill, carefully honed through years of experience, Vincent delivers a perfect fit for each part of the table.

Only then will he allow it to bear his initials – the true mark
of exceptional handcrafted quality.