Wood Restoration Consultant UK Water Timber Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork restored and preserved worldwide

Keeping History Authentic and Alive

When you work with your head firmly in the past and your nose only inches away from the well-turned leg you are repairing; or a section of 300 year old panelling...


Cracked wooden panelling repair restoration vincent reed

After Disaster – Can Ancient Timbers be Restored for Posterity?

Last month marked 35 years since fire gutted 7th century York Minster. Over a thousand years of history contained...


Kiln Wood Restoration Consultant Flood Water Furniture Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork joinery timber flooring repairs solid oak tables

Logosol kiln adapted to preserve the past

Our Swedish kiln has been pivotal in the rescue of a flooded English manor house.


Flattening an antique panel

This is one of the methods we use to flatten cupped panels. This process takes time and patience - but it is very successful!


Discovering and dismantling a flood damaged Tudor manor house

The owners did not discover the catastrophic effects of water cascading through the ceilings of their beautiful...


Discovering and Dismantling a flooded Grade II listed home

We revealed a moisture reading of 80% and evidence that the panels were older than we first thought


Behind the scenes in the King’s Drawing Room

Take a tour around the King's Drawing Room whilst Vincent and his team restore the wood panelling.


Get the look: Sussex Life Magazine

On Vincent Reed’s ‘fascination and joy in unveiling evidence of skilled craftsmanship from a bygone era’.


Removing largest panel in the King’s Drawing Room, Kensington Palace

Watch us take down the largest panel in the King's Drawing Room and see the past repairs that have been made.


The King’s Drawing Room – Behind the Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Vincent as he gives a tour of The Kings Drawing Room.


Kensington Palace King’s Drawing Room Airlock

Watch Vincent explain how one of our protection airlocks works. Created to stop any dust from our restoration...


The woodworker’s pride and joy

Centuries old oak panelling has been lovingly restored. Sarah Lonsdale garners tips from the craftsmen who breathe life into antique wood.


Spotlight on… Vincent Reed Conservation & Restoration

Linseed oil, beeswax, shellac – wonderfully old-fashioned aromas to conjure memories from childhood. Greeting you as...