Fire and flood

French polishing – another dying trade?

French polishing is a specialist trade that I learnt in my days as an antique restorer; but sadly, it’s a dying trade these days.


Flattening an antique panel

This is one of the methods we use to flatten cupped panels. This process takes time and patience - but it is very successful!


Discovering and dismantling a flood damaged Tudor manor house

The owners did not discover the catastrophic effects of water cascading through the ceilings of their beautiful...


Discovering and Dismantling a flooded Grade II listed home

We revealed a moisture reading of 80% and evidence that the panels were older than we first thought


17th century fire surround repair

It's a pleasure to restore an oak joinery that probably hasn't been dismantled since it was made over 500 years ago.


Insight: The History of Wooden Panelling Part 1

Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean panelling The Tudor period can be seen as a turning point in British domestic...


Evolution of the saw

Insight: Evolution of the Saw

Prior to the invention of the sawmill, boards were rived (split) and planed, or more often sawn by two...


Britains love affiar with the oak

Insight: Britain’s Love Affair With Oak

The ancient oak forests of old England hold a special place in British hearts. The Christmas Yule Log was...