Wood Restoration Consultant UK Water Timber Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork restored and preserved worldwide

Keeping History Authentic and Alive

When you work with your head firmly in the past and your nose only inches away from the well-turned leg you are repairing; or a section of 300 year old panelling...


Cracked wooden panelling repair restoration vincent reed

After Disaster – Can Ancient Timbers be Restored for Posterity?

Last month marked 35 years since fire gutted 7th century York Minster. Over a thousand years of history contained...


Kiln Wood Restoration Consultant Flood Water Furniture Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork joinery timber flooring repairs solid oak tables

Logosol kiln adapted to preserve the past

Our Swedish kiln has been pivotal in the rescue of a flooded English manor house.


Wood Restoration Consultant Flood Water Furniture Fire Damage Specialist Historical woodwork joinery timber flooring repairs solid oak tables

When it’s Fine Furniture’s Time to Shine

Over 30 years ago when I was a teenager learning my trade as an antique furniture restorer in Brighton, there was no...


Discovering and dismantling a flood damaged Tudor manor house

The owners did not discover the catastrophic effects of water cascading through the ceilings of their beautiful...


Insight: Decoration and Styles of the 17th century

The 1600s included the deeply carved wood and strongly modelled silver of the Jacobean period.


Titanic office doors

New Lease of Life for Doors of Historic Titanic Offices in Southampton

A brief summary goes here


Witches marks part two

Insight: Witches Marks: Part Two

The second part of our Witches blog will be looking at buildings around the country that have identified...


Witches marks part two

Insight: Witches Marks: Part One

Witches marks, also known as Apotropaic Marks (Greek apotrepein "to warn off" from apo- "away" and trepein "to turn") or...


Insight: The History of Wooden Panelling Part 1

Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean panelling The Tudor period can be seen as a turning point in British domestic...


Titanic Southampton office

Latest News: Canute Chambers : Titanic’s Southampton Office

A recent enquiry in Southampton turned out to be an interesting historic visit when we were asked to...



Christmas Tree O’ Christmas Tree

Long before the advent of Christianity, plants and trees that remained green all year had a special meaning...


How and when should you wax your woodwork

Advice: How and When Should You Wax Your Woodwork

Today waxing will only be needed very occasionally, perhaps once in a few years, if at all. Only...


Evolution of the saw

Insight: Evolution of the Saw

Prior to the invention of the sawmill, boards were rived (split) and planed, or more often sawn by two...


Britains love affiar with the oak

Insight: Britain’s Love Affair With Oak

The ancient oak forests of old England hold a special place in British hearts. The Christmas Yule Log was...


Wrapping up at Kensington palace

Latest News: Wrapping up at Kensington Palace

Over the past seven weeks we have been conserving and repairing the panelling on the east elevation of...


Princess Victoria

Insight: Princess Victoria at Kensington Palace

Born Alexandrina Victoria on the 24th May 1819 at Kensington Palace, Victoria was christened privately by the Archbishop...


Panelling in the Kings drawing room

Latest News: Restoring the Panelling in the King’s Drawing Room

A Brief History The King’s Drawing Room is part of the King’s State Apartments, commissioned by King George...


Protecting the Kings drawing room

Latest News: Protecting the King’s Drawing Room

Before anything else the oak flooring in the King’s Drawing Room had to be protected, resulting in the...


The wild boy of Hanover

Insight: Introducing Peter the Wild Boy of Hanover

Peter the Wild Boy featured in William Kent's' vivid recreation of George I’s court painted on the walls of The King's Staircase at Kensington Palace.