Protecting the Kings drawing room

Latest News: Protecting the King’s Drawing Room

Before anything else the oak flooring in the King’s Drawing Room had to be protected, resulting in the...


The wild boy of Hanover

Insight: Introducing Peter the Wild Boy of Hanover

Peter the Wild Boy featured in William Kent's' vivid recreation of George I’s court painted on the walls of The King's Staircase at Kensington Palace.


The First Hanoverian

Insight: King George I – the first Hanoverian

George I is the king responsible for refurbishing the Palace to its current standards, which included the introduction of the Cupola Room and the King’s Drawing Room.


Kensington palace commission

Latest News: Kensington Palace Commission

I am delighted that Kensington Palace has invited me to carry out renovations of the oak panelling and flooring in the Cupola Room and the King’s Drawing Room.


Restoring historic wooden flooring

Insight: Restoring Historic Wooden Flooring – The Correct Way

Imagine if you will an exquisite Georgian bureau – think about its colour, the dinks and the scratches...


18th century style oak flooring

Latest News: Creating the 18th Century Style Oak Flooring, at Kensington Palace, London

In 2013 Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) took the decision to reinstate the 18th...


Timber treats

Why Vincent Reed chooses ‘not to make secrets’ of his repairs and how they enhance your home.


Spotlight on… Vincent Reed Conservation & Restoration

Linseed oil, beeswax, shellac – wonderfully old-fashioned aromas to conjure memories from childhood. Greeting you as...


Did you know?

A fascinating bit of 350 year old history from where the term 'top dog' and 'under dog' originate.